Their Coming Home

I felt as the boys headed out on their West Division January tour that they needed to collect 10 points in their seven games. That was if they hoped to come home still in possession of their 4th and final playoff spot in the North Division. Now I know it is early to talk about playoffs, but if you fall behind in December, January and February you will not make the playoffs in April. This trip is made even more important by that fact that not only are they trying to collect points, but they are trying to stop points going to the possible cross-over team.
Before they left the friendly confines of Ricoh, the Marlies were playing very well – going 7 – 2 – 1 in their last 10 games before the road trip, including winning their last 5 at home. So hope was high. However, the trip netted them only 7 points going 2 – 2 – 3. Not exactly what I figured we needed. However, they were helped out by some poor play afflicting the West. In the last 10 games Milwaukee is 5-2-2-1, Rockford is 6-3-0-1, Houston is 4-4-0-2, Iowa is 3-5-1-1, Chicago is 3-6-1-0, Peoria is 3-6-0-1, Quad City is 5-3-1-1 and San Antonio is 7-3.
After 2 more road games against divisional foes, Grand Rapids and Syracuse, our boys come home for 11 straight home games. So let’s not only get out to Ricoh, but bring along a friend and let’s cheer them on to a big home stand.